US Claims Russia Carried Out Failed ICBM Test During Biden’s Stay In Ukraine


Russia was speculated to be carrying out tests on intercontinental missiles going ballistic and appears to have failed multiple times in the past around President Joe Biden’s arrival time in Ukraine, reported by two officials from the United States familiar with the situation. 

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The government of Russia notified the U.S. prior to the launch via deconfliction lines that stands under the new START agreement obligations. Officials working on the project shared that such tests are a regular occurrence, while another said that these tests were made to be full-proof and didn’t pose any sort of risk to the United States. The U.S. did not speculate the tests to be an anomaly else wise an escalation.

Testings to the missiles of heavy SARMAT- which was nicknamed Satan II by the West hold the capability to deliver multiple nuclear weapon warheads at once. This missile as appears has failed in performance, confirms officials. Previously, the tests have been successfully laid out before, and in hopes of this one working out U.S. officials were led to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin would be highlighting the test in his Nation of the State address this Tuesday.

However, Putin refrained from mentioning any details of the missile launch in his last speech which lasted over an hour. Although he did formally declare that the government of Russia will take suspended from participating in his country’s New START nuclear arms reduction treaty that conjoins with the United States. This will lead to imperiling the last few remaining pacts which have been regulating the world’s largest two nuclear arsenals. 

Reports have revealed that apparent tests that occurred within Biden’s presence in Ukraine were based on informants from sources at large. Followed by the story’s publication, officials confirmed that tests were in practice before Biden stepped into the country.