Mike Pence Makes Overture To Social Conservatives Considered Close To Trump

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Mike Pence is courting social conservatives even as the former Vice President prepares to run for the 2024 presidential election. Conservative leaders and right-wing evangelists are drifting away from Mike Pence’s former boss. And they might find a new leader for the 2024 elections.

Mike Pence is a prominent evangelical Christian and staunch social conservative. With this move, he is renewing his contact with several of the most influential activists, celebrities, and pastors linked to the religious right. This week Pence appears at Dallas’ First Baptist Church, meeting up with Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor. Jeffress was one of Trump’s closest representatives to the far-right Christians.

Those close to Pence say the politician from Indiana is setting himself up as a true believer. He is a strong supporter of the Republicans’ right-wing wing. This denomination is more concerned with issues such as religious liberty and abortion.

Mike Pence Enjoys A Loyal Following Among The Social Conservatives

Mike Pence plans to woo this socially conservative wing of the party, something that the movement leaders have noticed. Bob Plaats, a social conservative of the Iowa-based Family Leader association, remarked that Pence was doing just the right thing.

The support base of the social conservatives remains huge. They are staunchly Republicans and have not been approached by any major GOP leader aspiring for the 2024 presidency. While Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor, and Trump continue to hold the support base of this group, Pence has also steadily built up goodwill among this staunch Republican base.

Pence in recent weeks has come out openly in support of anti-abortion religious groups. He has tweeted support for Pro-Life America and backed their demand for consensus on the anti-abortion position while avoiding an ostrich-like approach.

Mike Pence has a loyal support base due to his track record. He has been firmly behind the social conservatives on issues such as federal subsidies for abortion and liberal education standards.