Voting Rights March In D.C. Has Attracted Thousands

Voting Rights
Voting Rights

Thousands of protestors gathered in the capital to protest against legislative laws that were all about curbing voting rights- especially for POC individuals. The event took place on an eventful day- on the 58th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington by Martin Luther King Jr.

This was also when he gave his famous- ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. The event on Sunday was planned by National Action Network- founded by Reverend Al Sharpton. Several other events have taken place throughout the country in Miami, Atlanta, and Phoenix. 

What Brought People Out This Time Around To Protest For Voting Rights?

One of the protestors, William Birdo, is an 82-year-old man who traveled from Los Angeles to participate in the march. He has been a major civil rights activist over the last 50 years. He stated that ever since the time, they have been fighting for their rights. He mentioned that he was present in the 60s when MLK led the fight against the wars, for voting rights and civil rights, and everything else which was oppressive to the survival of a population. They had won back then, and they intended to win even now. 

Interestingly, the participants for this March for Voting Rights event didn’t just have established political activists being a part of it. Rather, they also had participants who have claimed to be quite new to the entire field. One of them, Bill Wood, mentioned that he was never really political, but found himself to be drawn into attending protests and events especially after Donald Trump came to office. 

There were several dignitaries who addressed the crowd on the March for Voting Rights on the National Mall. Some of them were Mayor Muriel Bowser, Alicia Garza- the co-founder of the BLM movement, Martin Luther King III and his wife Arndrea Waters King, and several others.