Washington Football Team Will Reveal New Name On Feb 2

Washington football team

On February 2, the Washington Football Team will finally reveal its new name. Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Red Hogs, Commanders, Red Wolves, Defenders, and the Washington Football Team were among the eight choices for the new name announced in September by Washington co-owner and CEO Tanya Snyder. Later, a team spokeswoman stated that her selection was not necessarily representative of the organization’s final candidates. Only three spoilers have been revealed by Washington Football Team President Jason Wright. There will be no allusions to Native Americans, their colors will remain burgundy and gold, and Red Wolves will not be used.

Washington Football Team’s New Name Options

Washington Commanders

The moniker Commanders has been a popular forecast for the team’s future identity among fans and local media members.

Washington Hogs, Warthogs, or Red Hogs

The name “Hogs” has been associated with the team since the early 1980s. Back when the Redskins had one of the strongest offensive lines in the league.

Washington Defenders

The presence of the XFL’s DC Defenders is one big hurdle in the way of Washington utilizing the moniker.

Washington Armada/Brigade

Between the Brigade, Armada, Commanders, and Admirals, it’s evident that Washington was committed to at least exploring a military connection.

Washington Presidents

It doesn’t get much more D.C. than Presidents of the United States of America. For decades, Washington-area sports teams have welcomed the Presidents into their community, most famously in baseball, where the Senators and then the Nationals allowed presidents to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day.

The Washington Football Team

Before the team’s announcement that it will be adopting the name Washington Football Team for the second year in a row, Wright declared that he sensed the temporary moniker was gaining traction among certain fans.

Other names considered were Admirals, Generals, Red Tails, and Federals. WFT’s official website shows several names proposed by fans, including Owls, Rough Riders, Revolution, Pigskins, and Alliance.