Brian Flores Sues NFL And 3 Other Teams For Racist Hiring Policies

Brian Flores
Brian Flores

Former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has filed a class-action complaint alleging racial discrimination in hiring practices against the National Football League, the NY Giants, Denver Broncos, and Miami Dolphins.

The action, which was filed on the first day of Black History Month in the United States, starts with an incorrect text from New England trainer Bill Belichick congratulating Flores on his new position with the Giants.

However, when Brian Flores questioned if Belichick was referring to him or former Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Belichick realized his mistake and informed Flores that the Giants had hired Daboll.

Broncos Never Planned To Hire Brian Flores

NFL, The Giants, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and John Doe Teams 1-29 are identified as defendants.

The NFL changed the Rooney Rule in 2020, requiring teams to interview at least two minority applicants who are not affiliated with their own team for a head coaching position. In addition, one minority applicant must be interviewed for coordinator jobs as well as high-ranking front-office positions, such as a general manager.

The firm presents screengrabs from Flores’ phone that reveal text communications between him and Belichick in the case.

Flores was in consideration for the position until the very last minute, according to the Giants. Flores has allegedly interviewed with the New Orleans Saints and is a finalist for the Houston Texans’ vacancy.

The Broncos are particularly mentioned in the lawsuit for conducting a “fake interview” with Flores in 2019. Since then, the Denver Broncos have issued a statement rejecting all allegations.

The NFL now has just twenty-seven head coaches, with only one of them being African-American. Nearly 70% of NFL players are African-American. Only two coaches are in the minority. One is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, while the other is of Lebanese descent.

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