White House Tries To Put Up A Semblance Of Normalcy Amid The Biden Papers Disclosure

White House

Even as the White House faced its first day of an investigation by a special counsel regarding the Biden papers, the Biden administration has tried to keep a sense of normalcy in the face of a potentially dangerous reality.

The Biden White House has so far miserably failed to fully explain the delay in disclosing the findings of this additional collection of classified documents. While the essence of crisis communication is to get everything out at the earliest and then repair things from there. But that is just what the White House has failed to do till now.

The White House took several months to disclose the original discovery. More significantly, the discovery was made way before the midterm elections. Even the second lot was out in the third week of December.

This delay led to more problems than these revelations would have resulted if the disclosure had been prompt and total. It will take time to determine if the fire that has started over the revelation remains a bonfire or turns into a forest fire. For the moment, much depends on where there are more revelations to come.

The White House Tries Hard To Focus On Maintaining Normalcy

The inner circle of President Joe Biden remained focused on trying to move past the legal and political problems that have come to the vanguard. For most at the White House, it was a battle to focus on just putting up a semblance of normalcy.

One of President Biden’s closest aides, Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, said that the White House and the ruling Democrats should desist from focusing on an issue that was not the top concern of anyone in Washington.

The main concerns remain rising prices, gun violence, jobs, climate change, and the economy.