White Powder Detected inside the White House; Investigation Ongoing

white house
white house

The White House is under investigation due to the recent discovery of a suspicious-looking white powdery item. This white powder was found inside the White House during the weekend and has sparked interest and suspicions. Several media outlets related to the United States of America have been covering this latest news very closely. 

This white powder was discovered by the agents of the Secret Service. It is also been known that the substance was found lying in a publicly accessible location within the premise of the White House at around 8:45 PM n Sunday, 2nd July 2023. 

Suspicious Substance In The White House 

Secret Service discovered this rather suspicious white substance in the form of a powder within the White House on Sunday. Following the detection, the Secret Service promptly evacuated the complex for some time for the safety of the people inside. 

Joe Biden, the President of the US, was absent from the White House during the time the white powder was found and the complex was evacuated. President Biden was known to be present at Camp David during the weekend where he was spending his presidential retreat. 

Secret Service Caution At The White House

Fire with emergency service officers quickly arrived at the place. They made quick testing of the white powder as part of preliminary testing. After this initial testing, they informed that this powder was cocaine

After this preliminary examination and detection of cocaine, the complex was reopened for the people. On the other hand, Secret Service is yet to confirm what the white powder was. They simply stated that the substance has been sent to the laboratory for further investigation. Nonetheless, several media outlets have reported that the white powder was in fact cocaine.