The Masked Singer: Two Hidden Iconic Celebs Get Unmasked Finally

the masked singer
the masked singer

The Masked Singer has revealed the celebrities behind The Pepper and The Jester masks. Both were found to be iconic singers. The Pepper turned out to be Natasha Bedingfield, known for her hit, Unwritten. The Jester turned out to be John Lydon, popularly known as Johnny Rotten, former lead singer for the Sex Pistols.

Natasha had wowed judges previously with her rendition of Sing Of The Times by Harry Styles. Johnny Rotten had sung a cover of I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow by Soggy Bottom Boys. The Masked Singer is a hit for Fox and is in its 6th season.

Natasha hoped that her singing in The Masked Singer had made Ariana Grande and Harry Styles proud and picked her favorite to win the title.

The Masked Singer: Double Elimination For Second Time This Season

But events on stage were shocking as for the 2nd instance this season at The Masked Singer, a double-elimination took place. Pepper, a hot fan-favorite, and the scariest costume on the show, The Jester, went home at once.

The episode features on the guest panel. It had more than its share of the unexpected, and also was the first time that the unmasking buzzer was used. Pepper Bling Shot Clue after her performance was ‘train.’ Ken Jeong, a panelist got it all wrong when he reasoned that it was Sara Bareilles, but he got it wrong.

Jester was eliminated first and none of the panelists got his name right. Johnny Rotten explained that everyone has one life and should not be constrained for any reason from exploring all possibilities when asked for his reason for participating in The Masked Singer.

Pepper was the next to go. Only Scherzinger guessed rightly that it was Natasha Bedingfield and is now at number one to win the Golden Ear Trophy with 1 point. Jeong is at -1 for getting the buzzer to guess incorrect. Other panel members stand at 0 points.

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