Coldplay Aiming For Youngsters


Coldplay is one of the most famous bands in the world of music. It has produced a number of hits over the years. The band has fans and followers from all across the globe. Their increasing popularity has elevated their status to a legendary band. The band has its unique flair, its creativity and composition make them a standout. 

The secret behind their success is the ability to connect. The songs can touch and connect with the emotions of the fans. However, the band has decided to focus more on the young generation. In a quest to gather more support and love from the youngsters, Coldplay is leaving no stones unturned. The famous musical band has decided to team up with Selena Gomez. Let us take a look at the collaboration below. 

Coldplay Decides To Target Young Audiences

Adaptability is one of the mainstays for success. You need to constantly adapt to your surroundings to be consistent and thrive in the long run. The iconic band seems to be following that path. They have centered their focus on the young generation of today. The band is aiming for success among the younger people of society.

What better to make an impact on youngsters than teaming up with the youth icon. In one of the most amusing revelations, Coldplay has confirmed its collaboration with Selena Gomez. According to records, Chris Martin is a huge follower of Gomez. It was like a dream come true for Chris when Selena agreed on the collaboration. 

Coldplay’s hunt for young fans started much earlier. A few days back the iconic band collaborated with BTS for a song. Now they have roped in Selena Gomez. The band is surely trying to take their game up by a notch. The latest song is expected to be released before their scheduled album ” Music Of Spheres”. 

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