Daniel Foote Has Resigned As Special Envoy

Daniel Foote
Daniel Foote

The special envoy from the USA to the island nation of Haiti, Daniel Foote, recently submitted his resignation to the Secretary of State. His reasons were grounded in his belief that he would not want to be further associated with the United States’ inhumane and counterproductive decision to deport a large section of the refugees of this country from the border of US-Mexico. He also added that he believed the policy followed by the federal government regarding its approach to Haiti was quite flawed. 

Daniel Foote Believes The US Administration Is Heading Towards Disaster

As it is well-documented now, the Biden administration has been dealing with a large influx of thousands of migrants- most of whom are Haitian at Del Rio, Texas, where the US-Mexico border is situated. The administration has continuously vowed in its public statements that the migrants would be turned away- which has justifiably prompted the ire of several Democrats as well as human rights activists who claim that the action is quite inhumane- resonating the words of Daniel Foote. 

In his resignation letter, Daniel Foote stated that the island nation was quite disheveled with crime, poverty, government corruption, and a major lack of humanitarian resources. He further stated that this collapsed state was pretty unable to provide any sort of security or basic services, and an introduction of more refugees would simply fuel further crime and desperation. He also added that any negative actions taken against the country would definitely have some catastrophic results- and it could affect the US too. 

Yet Ned Price, the spokesperson for the State Department, has claimed that while Daniel Foote has definitely resigned from his post, he has grossly mischaracterized the reasoning behind his resignation. Price stated that Foote could have taken up the opportunity to raise concerns about this issue- but he chose to resign instead.