Dave McCormick Wants To Seek Hand Recounts

Dave McCormick

The Senate campaign for Dave McCormick would be seeking the hand recounts of quite a few precincts in around 12 Pennsylvania counties. This would form a part of the broader state-mandated recount which would get underway after his too-close-to-call Republican primary against Mehmet Oz. A senior official for the campaign who was briefing the reporters went on to put forward quite a few complaints- which included what was highlighted as multiple inconsistencies between the data that was shared by the Pennsylvania State Department as well as the counties in the state. 

Dave McCormick Wins By A Narrow Margin- Recount Begins

The campaign official for Dave McCormick, who also requested anonymity in order to preview a legal challenge that had not yet been filed, went on to add that the campaign was also quite unaware of the number of outstanding mall-in, overseas, as well as military ballots that were still left to be counted before the actual recount began. They mentioned that since they could never tell how many votes they had, they would be doing a full recount of a count that they never really knew the results of. 

Leigh Chapman, the Acting Secretary for the State, who was operating under a state law that mandated recounts for elections that were decided within 0.5 percent of the votes cast, went on and ordered the statewide recount the previous week. At that time, Oz had been leading Dave McCormick by fewer than 1,000 votes. 

The campaign of Dave McCormick would assuredly request multiple hand recounts in the counties of Bucks, Allegheny, Chester, Center, Cumberland, Erie, Delaware, Lancaster, Schuylkill, Monroe, York, and Westmoreland. Currently, the campaign has been looking at hand recounts from a few precincts- but it could also expand the process to all the counties.