Doctor Who Might See A Resurgence Of David Tennant

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doctor who

Since it seems quite possible that Jodie Whittaker will be relieved of her role as Doctor Who, there have been rumors about David Tennant taking that part up again. Jodie currently plays the 13 regeneration of the Doctor and will take her leave from the series in an episode that would be aired during the later part of the year.

Fans of the show have been quite excited to know who will be replacing Jodie, but rumors have suggested that David Tennant could be seen returning to play the role of the famous time lord- with a fan claiming a tip-off on a fan page.

David Tennant Could Be The New Doctor Who 

They have also stated that a source in BBC leaked the information, as reported by Plymouth Herald. However, the identity of the source as well as the validity behind their claims haven’t been confirmed yet- and doesn’t seem to be official.

Regardless, fans have been thinking about the rumors must have some form of credibility, as the user also went on to claim that this source is still the same person who leaked the cast of Sacha Dhawan as the main nemesis of Doctor Who in series 12- The Master. 

If the rumors end up being true, it would imply that David Tennant is the only Doctor Who actor who has played the same role as the time lord twice. The actor of Des and Good Omens played the role of the Doctor from 2005-10 alongside several companions which include Rose Tyler, and Donna Noble. 

David Tennant’s Doctor Who was extremely popular with the audiences, with close to 12.7 million people tuning in to see the final episode of the actor, which featured the emotional words “I don’t want to go” before he found himself regenerated into the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.