Draymond Green Almost Locked Out Of UCLA Workout

Draymond Green

Draymond Green may have been the world champion four times, however, that still does not mean he is known to everyone around. The veteran forward of the GS Warriors, shortly returning from this 4th world title within 8 seasons, was all prepped to put in a bit of work during this offseason. However, something very unexpected took place.

Security Almost Denied Draymond Green Entry

Draymond Green had come to his workout place at UCLA when, to his unpleasant surprise, he found the security to deny him entry into the place. In a clip, viewers can hear Green calling the guard “Bossman” out of respect and that he had a scheduled workout inside where he had to reach.

However, when that came to no avail, bystanders began to help out using their voices. One of them can be heard requesting the guard to let Draymond Green in as he is the champion. Another pointed out that Green is the champ and that the guard must let the player through.

Fortunately, after some time, the issue was settled, and Green (who has featured on the All-Star team four times) was allowed entry. He even took the time to fist-bump some of the fans as he entered the building. The guard may have been simply doing what he was supposed to, however, he must not have been a big fan of the Warriors.