FBI Agents Seize New York Mayor Eric Adams’s Phone, iPad

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

Federal Investigative Agency has discreetly escalated the investigation into political fundraising during Eric Adams’s campaign. The New York City Mayor was approached by federal agents on Monday night with a request to hand over his electrical devices.

Adams is reported to have complied immediately. Boyd Johnson, his attorney, said that the mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing and has been cooperating fully with the federal investigation. The seizures were first reported by The New York Times when it revealed that the Feds were conducting a broad public investigation into whether Eric Adams’s election campaign in 2021 was involved in corruption. 

There were allegations that the campaign conspired with the Turkish government to receive funds illegally from abroad, as revealed by the search warrant. The investigation first came to light when federal agents raided the home of Eric Adams’ fundraiser, Brianna Suggs. She was deeply part of efforts to collect funds for the mayor.

Eric Adams Campaign Funds May Have A Turkish Link

The search warrant revealed that investigators primarily focused on whether the campaign helped move funds to a construction company based in Brooklyn and also to Turkish citizens. Eric Adams has stressed that his campaign maintained the highest ethical standards and pledged to fully cooperate in any inquiry.

The FBI did not mention the investigation into the fund-raising issue when they seized Eric Adams’s electronic devices. Eric Adams said that he was a former law enforcement official. He said he expected all team members to fully collaborate with the authorities and to abide by the law.

The search of Brianna Suggs’s home led to the seizure of two laptops, three iPhones, and a folder with the name of the mayor on it. Adams said he returned to New York was driven by the desire to be with his team during such a traumatic moment.