Filipina TikTok star’s tattoo leads to online race war and demands to ‘cancel’ Korea as a whole — RT World News

Filipina-American TikTok star Bella Poarch inadvertently started a massive international online feud, after some viewers took issue with her tattoo of the Japanese Imperial flag, used during the brutal occupation of Korea.

As Poarch was performing a dance number to her audience of millions, she briefly revealed her arm tattoo, which started the whole thing rolling.

The tattoo turned out to be the ‘Rising Sun’ Imperial Japanese flag. Apparently unbeknownst to the young internet sensation, the image of a red sunburst with sixteen rays has very negative connotations in eastern Asia. The flag was used by Japan while attempting to dominate the region, leading to the violent occupations of Korea and China during World War II.

The Korean online community took particular issue with Poarch, despite her apologizing and saying she will “have the tattoo removed or do [a] cover-up.”

The attacks did not stop coming, and many commenters went on to denigrate…

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