Florida Bill Withdrawn Within A Week

Florida Bill
Florida Bill

Florida Bill was introduced recently in schools. The bill stated that the school authority will have to figure out the sexual inclination of their students. It further instructed the institutions of conveying the status of their children’s sexual orientation to their parents.

The bill asked the Principals to let the parents of gay students know about the fact. The time frame provided was six weeks. The act was passed to promote awareness of sexual orientation and mental well-being.

The lawmakers thought that communicating the needs of the child to their parents would ease things out significantly for the kids in the future. However, the recent scenario is completely different from this.

Within just a week of its implementation, the Florida Bill has been withdrawn. This decision was taken by House Representative Joe Harding. The bill also prohibited speaking about certain topics.

The mentioned bill asked teachers not to discuss specific topics on the LGBTQ community openly. These topics were termed as inappropriate for the students. Parents have been given the full right to take necessary actions against school authorities in case of violation. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Florida Bill Not Happening As Of Now 

The Florida Bill has been scrapped within a week. The bill has received a lot of backlashes. Eminent personalities have criticized the bill vociferously.

They felt that the bill is taking away fundamental rights from the students. Certain sensitive chapters have been erased from the textbooks. Such actions have angered the mass significantly. 

People stated that a government cannot control what readers will be reading. The situation became so intense, Jen Psaki also got involved in the feud.

She lashed out at the Florida Bill and expressed her disdain towards the work. All such developments ultimately led to the cancellation of the Florida Bill.