Friends Fans Spots Jennifer Aniston Editing Glitch In Season 9 Episode 15

Jennifer Aniston

It has been almost two decades since the last episode of Friends aired in 2004, starring, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Courtney Cox as Monica Geller, David Schwimmer as Ross Gellar, Mathew Perry as Chandler Bing and Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani. Friends has been so far one of the most iconic, most re watched and loved American Sitcoms in history. Friends was created by Martha Kauffman and David Crane, and the first season arrived in 1994, which ran for 10 seasons on the beautiful and realistic bonds of friendship among six friends in New York City.

As Friends is perhaps the most rewatched series, fans have taken notice of an editing glitch involving Jennifer Aniston in season 9 episode 15, titled, The One With the Mugging. In the episode, Rachel aka Jennifer Aniston runs to Monica’s apartment to inform Joey of the audition he got through with a renowned actor. Jeff Goldblum had a guest appearance in this episode as Leonard Hayes. As Rachel informs Joey, the camera focuses on him, however, as noticed by fans, it was Jennifer’s body double who was standing next to Joey but not her. 

This Is Not The First Editing Glitch In Friends Involving Jennifer Aniston

There has been another editing glitch involving Jennifer Aniston in Friends. Similar glitch involving a body double is spotted in season 9 episode 4, The One With the Shark. Where Jennifer Aniton was replaced by her body double for a duration of about 12 minutes and 20 seconds. Back in May of 2021, the iconic cast had returned on screen for a reunion special the Friends: The Reunion which aired on HBO Max and was seen worldwide by fans.

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