GOP Illinois Primary 2022 Turning Into The Most Expensing In The State’s History

Illinois Primary

Republican leaders went for a moderate nominee for the governor, but their supporters went for a state senator who was from the far right, and he has the backing of Pritzker. The Illinois Primary 2022 may turn out to be the most expensive campaign in the history of the state.

Darren Bailey has strong conservative credentials as many of his fellow nominees have done to try to win over the urban and semi-urban voters in a state that is overwhelmingly Democratic. Bailey receives the backing of Trump on Monday at a rally close to Quincy, Illinois.

The biggest of the gubernatorial primary in Illinois could also turn out to be the most lavish non-presidential campaign in the US.

The elections board has revealed that the 8 candidates for the Illinois Primary 2022 have together spent over $216M comprising 2 Democrats including the present Governor J.B. Pritzker, and 6 Republicans.

Only 2 Democratic Candidates Against 6 Republicans In Illinois Primary 2022

Pritzker spent around $129.55M in this cycle alone. In 2018, he had spent a total of $171.5M on his campaign. He will be having a go at a 2nd term this election and faces just an opponent in the Democratic Primaries.

The Republicans on the other hand have 6 candidates vying for the opportunity to take on Pritzker. Senator Darren Bailey served a single tenure as a state Representative starting in 2019.

Former State Senator served a single term before deciding against re-election in 2020. He was part of the Saddam Hussein Prosecution team.

Richard Irvin is the first Black Mayor of Aurora and was first elected in 2017. This is his second win in 2021. He has promised to be tough on crime.

Gary Rabine, the head of the Rabine Group has highlighted his experience in running a company. His candidature for the Illinois Primary 2022 has received a generous federal PPP loan, a total of over $2.6M from multiple entities.