Grey’s Anatomy And The New Turn

grey's anatomy

Ellen Pompeo’s 18-year-long journey in Grey’s Anatomy comes to an end. Her story ends with season 18, after which she left for Boston, for a new fresh start. Meredith’s decision to move to Boston was her alone, which made Nick very angry. This is justified because he has been a major part of her life, and he expected to be part of her till the end. But she didn’t let it happen. Meredith has reason to do so but didn’t find enough reason to calm Nick down.

Grey’s Anatomy Teaching People About Healthy Boundaries

Meredith is leaving for Boston, which has made Nick really upset. And this time she chose her kids over anyone. Grey’s Anatomy is showcasing the doctors’ lives in and outside the profession. The doctors’ lives aren’t strictly locked within the hospital and their colleagues and interns. They went beyond the strict professionalism and let the barrier rupture. The incredible intern and professor’s friendship is distinctly portrayed. Giving shelter to one another during the crisis and growing an extremely beautiful relationship was the key factor.

So far in Grey’s Anatomy Meredith has taken up the boss lady attitude to run the hospital and maintain her personal life. Which is a disaster in itself. And in her defense, she has taken the right decision to not involve Nick to move to Boston. And she is mad because Nick didn’t reciprocate her love when she said love you. There are common aspects of life portrayed in Grey’s Anatomy, keeping it more real than reel.

The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy till now concluded at Meredith’s house, which was burnt down due to thunder striking. And now she handling it for those interns Lucas, Simone, and Mika.