A Handful Of States To Continue With Stimulus Checks In 2023

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While a majority of states that are giving out stimulus checks in 2022 have ended their program, several states have continued with their inflation relief stimulus check through the first quarter of 2023. The rise in prices has eased a little in the final quarter of 2022 but people continue to face a disparity between the increase in wagesWhile Americans have received a moderate increase in wages, the increase in prices has negated that and for the first time in decades, Americans have faced a fall in income in real terms.

While federal stimulus checks were conspicuous by their absence last year, the states have been more than generous and compensated residents for the lack of federal stimulus checks. and a handful has even decided to continue through the new year. States that scheduled their stimulus checks for the last quarter of 2022 have reported that they would need to continue with the payments into the first quarter of 2023.

The California Stimulus Check To Go Out Thorough 2023

The California Middle-Class tax rebate is scheduled to go out to around 23 million households and individuals. While a majority of the payments have been sent to residents, around 5% of the payments were scheduled for January this year.

But wrong data input and postal delays have ensured that the payments will continue through the first month of 2023. With payments going out through debit cards instead of stimulus checks for the later part of the payments, the delay was inevitable.

The relief checks have varied in amount from $200 to $1,050, with the highest amount going out to joint couples earning less than $150,000 (2020 AGI), and with the presence of at least one dependent. The amount that a resident can expect can be deduced through an online tool.

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