Hawks Finally Beaten By The Sixers In The Semifinals!


Curry and Harris are the two players who managed to keep the Sixers alive and beat the Hawks by a scoreline of 104-99. The Sixers remained confident following their consecutive losses against the Hawks. They blew many big leads while playing against Atlanta in the past. But not this time! This time they successfully avoided self-doubt and managed to win Game 6. However, they were behind by almost 12 points at the start of Game 6. 

Curry And Harris Came In Handy Against The Hawks!

Finally, the belief and reliance on their talent and the top seed seemed justified. Seth Curry managed to score 24 points while hitting six three-pointers. Thereby, On Friday, the Sixers managed to avoid elimination and didn’t get knocked out in the semifinal series of the Eastern Conference. They beat the Hawks by a scoreline of 104-99. The effort put on by Trae Young by scoring 34 points was overcome by the Sixers. They forced the seventh game to take place in Philadelphia on Sunday. Tobias Harris who also managed to score 24 points commented after the match that the grit and fight of the group as a whole were seen in that game. 

To protect their lead, Harris made three 4 free throws inside the last thirteen seconds. Joel Embiid managed to add 13 rebounds and another 22 points. Ben Simmons also commented after the match against the Hawks, his team showed the required mental toughness while coming out on top of Atlanta. After the match against the Hawks, Curry commented that the game turned out to be excessively filled with fun for him. According to him, coming back and attacking them while weathering the storm turned out to be the key for the Sixers. 

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