Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson Catches Heat After Ex Accuses Him Of Sleeping With His Mom’s Best Friend

Zach Wilson

Abbey Gile has hit back at Zach Wilson after catching heat for dating his ex-college teammate. In brutal retribution, she alleged that Zach had been sleeping with his mother’s best friend. She called him the real Homie Hopper for his behavior.

The NY Jets QB has found himself amid a scandalous social media frenzy after being accused by his former sweetheart of deceiving her with his mother’s best friend.

There is no way Gile’s allegation can be backed up, and she deleted the social media post since.

The frenzy surrounding Zach Wilson started when Dax Milne of the Washington Commanders posted intimate pictures of him with Gile on a beach. That initially led to a flurry of wild allegations. Milne had previously been close to Zach Wilson, being his teammate and roommate, and best friend when they have been together at BYU.

Gile was accused of homie-hopping, seeing her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. She responded in kind to the Instagram post. She posted in the response that Zach Wilson was the real homie hopper as he had been making out with his mother’s best friend.

Zach Wilson Has Instead Received Support In The Controversy

The original post by Milne where he posted the photos is up though Gile has deleted her wild allegations. Zach Wilson and Gile recently stopped following one another on Instagram and Twitter. While Milne is 23, Milne is a year younger.

Leading psychologist Dr. Sarah Hill has said that there was nothing unusual. The reaction on social media has for the most part been limited to jokes and suggestive memes. They have commended Zach Wilson for his supposed cougar conquest.

Wilson has remained silent so far. But the reaction has so far been favorable from both fans and former and present players in the NFL. Chad Johnson, a former receiver, has called Chat Wilson the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).