Christine Brown’s New Romance Gossip Surface

Christine Brown

Sister Wives star Christine Brown, had a nasty divorce from her ex-husband Kody Brown, a few months ago. And her daughter was supportive of the whole situation explaining how it actually affected the family. Things fell apart, no matter how hard they tried it didn’t work. And leaving all of them in the past, she has finally moved on with her life. And her new ‘dating’ life seems too exciting as she says.

Journey To Find A New Soulmate, Christine Brown

Kody Brown wished Christine all the best for her future and hoped she would find a good man to settle with. But dating at 50 seems to be difficult. She is asking for advice from her followers on Instagram. And a posted a bunch of photos in a black outfit and captioned them were they even perfect for dating app profile pictures. Christine Brown supposedly chose the online dating path.

Fans have been showering love and kindness on her, some even advised her to aim for a great man, and never settle for less. Kody and Christine Brown have six kids together, and they are trying their best to stay in each other’s lives as positive people.

Kody also said he wants Christine to find her soulmate, and parting ways has always been the last choice for the couple. However, they had to take the right decision, being with each other for 25 years was a long journey. Christine Brown didn’t regret her decision whatsoever, but Kody seems to be. Their daughter shared how incredible human beings they are individually, but together they couldn’t keep their sanity. So parting ways was the best option they could pick.