Peter Navarro Has Been Subpoenaed For His Role In Capitol Riot

peter navarro
peter navarro

Peter Navarro, the former adviser of Donald Trump, recently revealed in a court filing that he had been subpoenaed before a grand jury. This would be a part of the sprawling probe conducted by the Justice Department into the deadly insurrection that took place at the Capitol Riots the previous year. Navarro, who had been serving as a trade adviser to the former president back then, stated that he was served by the FBI at his Washington residence the previous week. The subpoena against him would be the first time that the prosecutors decided to seek testimony from someone inside the Oval Office regarding the Capitol Riots.

Peter Navarro Believes Subpoena Against Him Was Unlawful

In the filing which comprised 88 pages, Peter Navarro went on to claim that the House select committee that was investigating the Capitol Riot attack was exceedingly unlawful- which would make the entire subpoena that was issued against him in February completely unlawful and unenforceable under the law. The 72-year-old politician further filed the suit against several members of the committee- which included Nancy Pelosi, and Matthew M. Graves.

In his interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday, Peter Navarro went on to claim that the goal of his lawsuit was way more far-flung than just a couple of subpoenas. He stated that this would be a part of an effort that would make the Supreme Court sit up and address quite a few issues that have led to the weaponization of the investigatory powers of Congress- ever since Donald Trump came to office. 

Peter Navarro finally claimed that he would be formally responding to the federal subpoena on Wednesday. Currently, no spokesperson from the Justice Department came forward to address the statement.

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