Andre Iguodala Back To Warriors

Andre Iguodala
Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala was back to familiar territory. After having a brief break, the star athlete announced his comeback. In what seems to be a happy state of affairs, Iguodala will be donning the Warriors jersey in the next season. Most of the teams are busy making the best team for the season. The free window of the NBA gave the teams reasons to be happy. The Golden State Warriors, however, relied upon their tried and tested horse. 

Andre Iguodala Choses Warriors Over Brooklyn And Lakers 

In a happy turn of events, the star performer of the Warriors came back to where he belonged. Andre announced officially that he will be playing for the Golden State Warriors once again. Iguodala was approached by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets.

Andre was a prolific performer for the Warriors. He was with the team for six years. Iguodala played a vital role in making the Warriors win the championship. He registered three championships for the Golden State Warriors.  Andre shared his stay at the Warriors with names such as Klay Thompson, Steph Curry & Draymond Green. Steph Curry seemed overpriced with the news. Curry posted a video on his social accounts. Steph was seen to be welcoming his former partner with immense pleasure. 

Andre Iguodala had an average of 7.3. He boasted of 48.5% shooting. He recorded 3.9 rebounds and 3.4 assistances. He also had steals that tallied to 1.1 in every 26minutes. He has adjudged the Most Valuable Player of the NBA in 2015. 

The return of Andre Iguodala will surely boost the performance of the team. He is expected to provide a support system for the team. He will also be sharing his valuable experiences with newcomers. The Warriors drafted new talents like James Wiseman, Moses Moody & Jonathan Kuminga.