Oregon Congressional Map Accepted Following End Of GOP Walkout

oregon congressional map
oregon congressional map

On Monday, the redrawing of the Oregon Congressional Map was accepted. It became the first American state to do so. The map will be valid for at least the next 10 years. 4 Democratic districts will be created as per the plan, 1 Republican stronghold, and 1 potential battleground.

The Oregon Congressional Map Ends A Partisan Standoff

The new Oregon Congressional Map was accepted only after a troubling partisan standoff ended. Tina Kotek, the Democrat Speaker of the State House, used her gavel to open Monday morning’s legislative session. However, the deadline for redistricting was only hours away.

There was a delay of one week because of a coronavirus scare as well as a boycott by the Republicans. However, an agreement was reached. The state representatives of the Republican Party returned. In return, the Democrats gave up an Oregon Congressional Map where 5 of the 6 state districts would have been in Democratic control.

By the afternoon, the compromised Oregon Congressional Map was passed by the House with 33 votes for and 16 votes against. The Senate of the State also concurred with 18 votes for and 6 against. Kate Brown, the Democratic governor, gave her signature before the day was over.

Oregon Republicans were forced into choosing between several bad choices. The choices would influence the political fate of the party at the federal and state level in the coming 10 years.

Earlier in the year, Ketok had effectively exchanged a veto for the GOP’s support to the new Oregon Congressional Map. However, the party members of neither party were able to agree on the proposal for redistricting. Then, Kotek moved while avoiding the GOP and advanced the committee’s Democratic map. Republicans were then faced with little choice but to accept the less bad of the two outcomes.