Steve Bannon Could Be Charged By New York Prosecutors

steve bannon
steve bannon

Steve Bannon could have already landed in trouble as several close allies of the former Trump adviser have been subpoenaed. They would be required to testify before a grand jury for the New York state which would then investigate his fundraising for a private border wall effort. This was informed by quite a few people that were familiar with the entire investigation.

The subpoenas were sent to quite a few witnesses in the last couple of weeks, which also required them to appear as well as provide testimony for the probe of the district attorney of Manhattan. Most of those who received the summons are people in the immediate circle of Bannon- as reported by a source close to the matter. 

NY Prosecutors Building Up A Case against Steve Bannon

The subpoenas landed on the close associates of Steve Bannon will definitely be considered to be the clearest indication that the criminal investigation conducted by the district attorney of Manhattan has already started intensifying. Also, this could possibly lead to several charges laid against the former adviser of Donald Trump. 

The office of the district attorney went on to launch the criminal investigation into the crowd-fundraising activities of Steve Bannon last year after Trump had already pardoned Bannon on several federal fraud charges that were related to the same alleged scheme. Interestingly, presidential pardons do not really apply at all to state investigations. 

Steve Bannon is also facing federal contempt of Congress charges for not complying with a subpoena that was labeled against him in the wake of the Capitol Riots on the 6th of January, 2021. To that subpoena, Bannon went on to plead not guilty. When questioned about the subpoenas from the grand jury, Robert Costello- the attorney of Steve Bannon informed CNN that he was pretty unaware of the matter.