Stimulus Check 2022: Oregon Residents To Receive $600

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Stimulus Check

The state of Oregon will be able to start providing one-time stimulus checks of $600 to close to 250,000 low-income families as early as this week thanks to a measure passed by the Oregon Legislature earlier this year.

The Oregon Department of Revenue said on Wednesday that the money will begin to be delivered this week through check or direct deposit. The deadline for receiving all funds is July 1st.

More than 236,000 households will get the stimulus check. To be eligible, a household member must have included Oregon Earned Income Tax Credit on their 2019–20 tax return and have called Oregon home for at least the second part of 2020. The $600 is exempt from both state and federal income taxes.

In all, one-time assistance of $141.8 million will be given. The state of Oregon will present $600 stimulus checks to more than 200,000 employees as early as this week.

Stimulus Checks Will Be Sent By July 1

Legislators in Oregon authorized the one-time stimulus check payment for a certain class of low-wage workers in March. The reimbursements will go to Oregon residents who filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit in 2020, a tax break for working households with modest incomes, and who lived in the state for the last six months of that year.

The Oregon Department of Revenue on Wednesday announced the payment of over $141.8 million to 236,000 qualifying households. Each household is only permitted to make one payment. The remaining $60 million will be distributed through the mail, and the remaining $82 million will be deposited directly into the qualified individuals’ savings accounts. The state says those who qualify will receive their money by July 1.

The state must cover the cost of the stimulus payments out of federal pandemic funding that Congress approved last year.