Letting Go The Kids: Golden State Warriors Weigh The Consequences Of Letting The Younger Generation Slip By

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Even as the Golden State Warriors approach the deadline for the 2022 trade in the NBA, they confront a looming question, to trade their kids or not. Many rumors floating around in the past had turned out to be just that, rumors. But a decision like the one to trade Russell for Wiggins proved true ultimately.

This time around the Warriors are staring at the prospect of losing its core young members. The move this February is not expected to be major. Perhaps a non-core member of the young squad to be traded, someone yet to find a place in the regular team. That left the Warriors facing two questions.

Warriors: Does Holding On To The Young Core Hinder Their Championship Chances?

Are the Golden State okay with losing any chances of winning the championship by concentrating on building up a young core for the next generation?

Would the Warriors forego the chances of retaining the building blocks of a core team and move towards maximizing their chances of winning the championship.

Who would the Golden State be ready to trade among the present set-up/it is apparent that Andrew Wiggins is at his peak and his age could not be a hindrance for the warriors, this season.

James Wiseman and Moses Moody on the other hand at present the most dispensable of the lot. And they are valuable enough at present to consider a trade hypothetically. And the value of players like Moody could go down as they grow out of their G-league stardom.

With Wiseman, It still doesn’t seem the right time to fo for a trade Wiseman. But another setback to his rehab could see his stock plummet. Returning him to another uninspiring season on the floor isn’t going to help others.

While the jury might be out on the next generation of the Warriors, there are early signs of promise. Kuminga plays with a power and force rarely seen in the forward position for the Warriors. He always stands out in the court. He is one player who appears physically prepared for the NBA.