Why Spain Coach De La Fuente Chose Alvarez Over Messi


De la Fuente, the former U21 boss of Spain took over the senior team from Luis Enrique, and his first job was to vote for The Best Awards organized by FIFA as a coach of a national team. And whom did he choose? Well he chose Julian Alvarez over Messi.

In a recent interview, the current Spain coach said that he does not drink, so he was perfectly sober while voting for Julian Alvarez. It was indeed a funny thing for an international coach to say, however it was a strange thing too. Well, only for those who did not knew the full story.

De la Fuente’s vote was surprisingly Julian Alvarez, despite having names like Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Vinicius Jr., Karim Benzema and Thibaut Courtois on the list. What was even more surprising was that the new Spanish gaffer did not bothered to choose these players as their third or second choice players too Instead he went for Luka Modric and Jude Bellingham.

De la Fuente Said He Was Sober While Choosing Alvarez Over Messi

De la Fuente on his day of unveiling the new squad who will represent las rojas in the world stage in the upcoming years, was asked about his decision to choose Alvarez. In fact, the journos who came to find out the new Spanish squad were more interested in the explanation than in the squad reveal.

The change of Spanish coach has been sudden and it was quicker than expectations. Luis Enrique took a team full of Spanish superstars and supposedly would be superstars to the World Cup and they started off their campaign in style. However, after their defeat in the knockout stages sealed Luis Enrique’s fate as Spanish Manager.