James Wiseman Of The Warriors Makes 18 Points In Just 20 Minutes

James Wiseman
James Wiseman

All the players of the Golden State Warriors were preparing for their upcoming match that was going to be held on Thursday in Denver. In that same match, James Wiseman performed excellently making his return after a long time in the G League. 

Excelled Performance By James Wiseman Against Santa Cruz

James Wiseman missed all his reminders of the rookie season along with the 2021-2022 season. Earlier he was no.2 in his rank and after a very long time, he returned to the court for some action-packed game since the month of April last year. 

James Wiseman had a meniscus injury and was in rehab for a long time. However, he was given a green signal to play on Thursday for the G league which is being held in Stockton. Once the game started, James Wiseman got comfortable within 20 minutes and scored 18 points against the Stockton Kings. 

The initial stage of the game was handled greatly by Wiseman where he scored 4points within 7 minutes in the first quarter. He also played for the next two quarters for 4 minutes each and at last, the score stood to 109-99. 

Anthony Slater posted on social media that the most intense and powerful moment of James Wiseman occurred in the first half of that match. Some of the fans even commented that not only does Wiseman perform well, but his hook gesture is also smooth. In addition, Jason Dumas also posted on social media that the entire game summary was good, bad, and then ugly. James Wiseman’s score was stated in his post i.e. 18 points and 6 rebounds within just 20 minutes. 

The sophomore of the Golden State Warriors can make an outstanding debut and that opportunity will be provided to him this Sunday when the whole team will play against G League Ignite. The fans are waiting for a long time for this clash and this will happen in the Chase Centre in the city of San Francisco. 

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