Arizona Speech Rally For Trump Really Denigrated His Shock Comic Act A Major Failure

Arizona Speech
Arizona Speech

We can’t ever forget the times when Donald Trump made news simply with his headlines- when he uttered things that were shocking, but that euphoria passed away in his Arizona speech. No one could forget the firestorm he started- when he went after Colin Kaepernick and other players of the NFL who knelt during the national anthem in 2017, or earlier that year when he called Barack Obama the founder of ISIS.

Trump’s rally in Arizona on Saturday- his first rally in months and his much-hyped opportunity to the first anniversary of the Capitol Riot- was neither newsworthy nor shocking. 

Arizona Speech Rally Flies Under The radar

So uneventful was the Arizona speech that it didn’t even find itself being mentioned on the homepage of the Washington Post on Sunday morning. The New York Times only used Trump’s speech as a peg to write a broader story under the headline- Trump Rally Underscores G.O.P Tension Over How To Win in 2022. Just a few years back, the Trump rallies spawned breathless coverage and drove successive media cycles. But this story on The Times isn’t even about the rally- and mentioning it is simply perfunctory. 

In fact, so boring was the Arizona speech that The Times spotlighted a whole host of supporting characters, which involved Kari Lake- a candidate endorsed by Trump for the governor who used to be a local news anchor. The photo of her in The Times showed her donning some sort of a cape- which was definitely newsworthy. 

While the Arizona speech rally might have been the unofficial kickoff for the 2024 campaign. But this time around, Trump will have to work much harder to break through- and not just due to the media being less likely to give him ample air time free of charge. 

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